About Dr. Iza


Who is Dr. Iza?

An apparently easy question but a complex answer.

Similar to a Swiss Knife (or a Tesla, depending on your budget), Dr. Iza comes with different options, including scientist, researcher, teacher, supervisor, mentor, writer, speaker, entertainer, and networker.

Dr. Iza emerged in the online world in 2018, at the same time than this blog, when my desire to merge my passion for both science and education beyond my daily job reached the now-it-is-time-to-act level.

Science and education are indeed the two major driving forces that keep me rock’n’rolling every day. I see my mission on our planet as transferring the knowledge that I have gathered along my own journey to others – would they be students, via my work at the University, or anyone who is interested in learning. I am strong believer that knowledge is power, and I want to make it accessible to everyone. My heart melts when I realize that someone has learnt and understood something with my help. I strive to educate the younger generation of scientists to give them the tools to one day discover a Nobel prize or have a significant impact on the society. And I want to have fun while doing so.

How can you judge if you can trust the quality of the content you will find on this blog? Absolutely crucial question, as the online world is getting closer and closer to the Wild Wild West when it comes to misinformation. I am a Pharmacist, I obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Switzerland, and I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at a Dutch University. This entire journey piles up to almost 20 years of learning, developing a strong academic mindset, strengthening my analytical skills, teaching, supervising students, PhD students and technicians, writing scientific articles and book chapters, being a peer-reviewer for top journals in my field of research, and presenting at international conferences.

My education and post-graduate experience taught me how to build my opinion based on scientific evidence, which is the knowledge I strive to transfer to my students – and you.

Yes, you.

The amount of information I can read online and in mass media on health, lifestyle, and nutrition is often closer to “health myths” rather than correct information supported by scientific evidence.

This is why A little bit of Science emerged. With this website, I strive to educate, inspire and empower you in relevant topics linked to health, lifestyle, nutrition, and beauty. I want to act as an awareness-raiser. I aim to give you an understandable and digestible information supported by scientific and verified evidence, providing you relevant knowledge to take informed decisions.

This website is also not just about lecturing you with boring facts – Dr. Iza is also here to entertain you. My life is driven by fun, enthusiasm and positivism in all my professional and private projects. An apple a day will not keep the doctor away, but I am convinced that a laugh a day might contribute to it. My mission will be fulfilled if you have learnt something AND smiled/laughed/laughed so hard you cried while reading one of my posts.

With love (for science and sharing knowledge),

Dr. Iza

Dr. Iza in her entertaining outfit at an international conference

Dr. Iza with one of her favorite instruments when she was still spending hours in a lab

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