A little bit of Science – education, inspiration and recreation

Ladies and gentlemen,

After Chicago West-Kardashian, Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge and the fifth (known) child of Hugh Grant, please make some noise for the new A-list member born in 2018:

A little bit of Science – www.alittlebitofscience.com

3.278 kg, 53 cm, several months of gestation and your new online platform established and managed by your dedicated host Dr. Iza to disseminate information on health, lifestyle, nutrition and beauty.


Health and lifestyle? You mean, two of the hottest topics in the blogging community?

Absolutely. I must confess that I tend to get up early but wake up late. This idea originated already many years ago in Dr. Iza’s brain but it is only recently that I felt the need to actually start such website. But why then – since the topics “health, lifestyle, nutrition and beauty” are already covered by billions of website, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, influencers and [please add here a trendy word that will enter in the Oxford Dictionary in 2019]?

Maybe because I have my doubts about the quality and accuracy of the information disseminated by the large majority of these websites and related channels.
Maybe because most of the information presented is not supported by scientific evidence.
Maybe because a large number of the authors/writers/editors/influencers do not have a sufficient scientific background and credibility to extensively write on such topics.
Maybe because despite the abundance of information, I keep hearing wrong assumptions and theories around me.
Maybe because my passion for science and healthcare, my curiosity and my appetite for learning have not been satisfied yet.
Maybe because I believe in the limitless power of education and empowerment.

But why would Dr. Iza be better than a lambda influencer?

Because besides her passion for science, Dr. Iza has a solid medical and pharmaceutical background that helps her to fully understand the content of scientific articles – and judge their quality. What is this background exactly? A Lifestyle Coach diploma found in a lucky dip? A bit better. I am an educated Pharmacist, I have a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in a University ranked in the European top 10 Universities in Pharmacy/Pharmacology.

Haha, Dr. Iza, you are getting much too big for your boots!

Oh, with my shoe size 41, there is still some room there! No worries – I am too Swiss to show off. With these lines, I just want to highlight that the information you will read here has been carefully verified and is supported by scientific evidence – not by one study performed in 1959 on three genetically modified hamsters and published in Journal of Disastrous Research. Or in Cosmopolitan.
I also think that not only the scientific content is important, but also the way of disseminating information is essential and will be the key in this blog. My current position at the University also involves teaching for BSc and MSc levels, so I am aware that boredom is not really welcome – neither during classes, nor in this blog. Education, inspiration and recreation!

Sounds actually good, but what about the content? Health, lifestyle, nutrition, beauty… It remains quite vague.

This websites will cover multiple questions you might have asked – yourself, your partner, your neighbour, your teacher, your chipmunks Chip and Dale…. Random examples:

Is fructose better than glucose?
Am I allowed to drink one or two glasses of wine if I am pregnant?
Is avocado really healthy?
Is the composition of Coca-Cola the same if I buy in France or in Germany?
Can sunscreen really protect from skin cancer?
How do we obtain decaffeinated coffee, is it then comparable to a normal coffee?
How do I slow down skin aging?
Can I take melatonin on a long-term basis?
Should I eat more omega 3?
What are parabens, are these compounds dangerous?

… Questions for which you never found a specific and definite answer. Some of the topics (hello, Sugar!) will be covered from different angles and be discussed more than once, due to the abundance of (counter-)information that can be found online and in magazines.

And then?

Then you have several options:
A) You will understand the world – or some parts of it – and will fall asleep easier and less ignorant.
B) You will be able to take decisions in your life on the basis of accurate information.
C) You will be able to show off with your outstanding knowledge during family reunions and garden parties.
D) All of the above.
E) Other (please specify): ………..

What if I have a question and I would like to see it discussed and covered here?

Excellent, just send your brilliant idea to Dr. Iza using the contact form, and she will start investigating this subject, if she thinks it is worth being further shared.

Education, inspiration and recreation… You convinced me. But I do have one last question.

Questions are always welcome, go ahead!

Don’t you read Cosmopolitan as well?

I do read Cosmo. In my bath. With a glass of wine.
But hey – I also need to find inspiration!

Education, inspiration and recreation… Let’s start, Dr. Iza!

Indeed: stay tuned for the first posts!


Your devoted host Dr. Iza


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